Washington, DC

Expert craftsmanship, reasonable price, personal service; highly recommended.
After almost five years of daily use, my beautiful Muji rucksack was wearing on the back lower corners, and starting to look shabby. I had to decide between buying a new bag or having it repaired. I called Vahe, at his request emailed him an iphone photo of the bag showing the worn spots. He discussed how he’d fix it and gave me a quote. (I also called several other luggage repair shops before I decided to go with Vahe.)

Vahe picked up the bag from the front desk of my apartment building and returned it the following week (yesterday, actually), free of charge. (Alternatively I could have dropped it off at his friend’s business downtown, or gone out to his workshop in Gaithersburg.) The work matched the style of the bag perfectly, and the bag is stronger now than when I bought it. I would have had to spend 3x that amount to buy a bag of comparable quality.
I’m putting a check in the mail this morning.
-D.P. Washington, D.C.


Vahe just delivered my 15-yr old Coach briefcase that needed strap repair and leather conditioning. It looks fantastic and practically new!! I highly recommend this business for leather repair, particularly Coach bags. The work cost far less than I had anticipated.
-Morgan Z., Washington, D.C.


Very impressed with the work and will definitely refer Doudaklian Leather to my friends.
I called Vahe after my new leather bag started showing wear and tear due to too much weight (I used it to carry my laptop each day to and from work). Vahe was able to provide me a quote after I sent some pictures via email. He offered to come pick up the bag from my doorman (so much easier than finding time to dropping it off with my busy schedule). Vahe then sent me some mock-ups of the reinforcements he suggested with a range of prices via email. Within a week of my response, the bag was back with my doorman, good as new (actually, better than new, because it now holds all the weight I need it to!). I simply mailed in a check for payment.

Three months later, the bag has held up wonderfully! I could not be happier with this product and will definitely come to Vahe for my future leather needs.

J.H. Washington, D.C.